What is Silicic Acid?

Silicic Acid Health Benefits

Silicic Acid is the general name that refers to the group of chemical compounds of the element hydrogen, silicon, and oxygen with the formula [SiOx(OH)4-2x]n. Out of these three elements, oxygen is the most abundant element on this planet. The second most abundant element is silicon, which has been discovered in bodies of water that contain large amounts of marine plant life.


Organic Silica = Silicic Acid

Silicon is only found in crystallized forms and it is only reactive under high temperatures. When silicon is dissolved in aqueous solutions, the element does not ionize. Instead, the silicate salts that are present in the ocean actually acidify the silicon to create ortho “silicic acid” (H4SiO4). However, when the silicic acids are heated, it forms an active form of silicon dioxide known as silica gel.

What Does Silicic Acid Do

The silicon from in oceans is removed naturally through weathering, sediment settling, and plankton fixation. High concentrations of ortho silicic acid are usually found near the surface layers of oceans and in areas where water once used to exist, while lower concentrations are found in rivers and depths of the ocean’s waters.

Silicon is also found in abundance under water near volcanoes. The biogeochemical cycle of orthosilicic acid is regulated by living diatoms in the ocean. Diatoms are a group of algae that converts the silicic acid to a form of biogenic silica in order to use the silica to form their cell walls. Silicic Acid form of silica has been known to have many health purposes and benefits.

Silicic Acid Side Effects

Researchers have performed numerous studies to find out what effects silica has on animals as well as the human body. They discovered that rats and chickens both require silicon for proper bone development.

After further research studies, it was discovered that silica was also a crucial element in the human body as it was directly responsible for the development of strong bones, healthy teeth, youthful skin, beautiful hair, flexible joints, and strong nails.

Until recently, medical researchers did not grasp the importance of silica in the human diet. Many doctors prescribed calcium and vitamin D to their patients to help them build and preserve strong bones, but some of those patients still ended up with weak, fragile bones or osteoporosis. The calcium was not reaching the bones. Instead the calcium would build up in various places throughout the body where it wasn’t needed and it caused health problems such as painful bone spurs, stiff joints, and even calcium deposits in the brain.

It was then discovered that the human body needed silica to act as a transport agent to carry the calcium into the bones. Without forms of silica like Silicic Acid, the calcium cannot penetrate into the part of the bone that it needs to in order to reverse and prevent any further damage.

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