Silica The Amazing Mineral

What is Silica Mineral?

Silica is a substance found in a mineral that goes by the name of quartz. Silica has been found to benefit the human body because of its ability to help the body utilize the nutrients it takes in from food more effectively.

Silica Powder Supplement Benefits

When Silica is combined with a supplement of calcium, it has been found to create the following effects:

    • Makes the bones stronger,
    • Reduces the effects of osteoporosis,
    • Helps the bones to heal from fractures more quickly,
    • Increases the entire body’s ability to repair itself,
    • Helps to prevent the scarring that occurs when a bone has been fractured,
    • Helps to improve the health of the body’s joints and
    • Re-hydrates the discs in the body’s spinal column.

Benefits Of Silica Supplements

Silica also creates many great effects for the skin, helping it to remain free of wrinkles. Skin that does not have wrinkles is plentiful in the substance called collagen, and it has been found that collagen contains silica. The studies that have been done on the effects of Silica have shown that it keeps the skin from sagging and basically looking old.

One way to receive the great benefits of Silica is to take the supplement SilaLive. This supplement brings two different types of Silica together to provide the human body with the most effective form of the supplement that the lab could create. The first type of Silica, biogenous Silica, does not absorb well by the body, but scientists have discovered that this type of Silica encourages the workings of the body’s digestive system.

Types Of Silica

The other type of Silica, known as organic silicone, can be absorbed by the human body, and this has the great effects that have been described above. In order to receive both of these types of Silica, people have the option of taking the supplement SilaLive.

Silica is believed to be such an important part of a body, because it has been discovered to reside in such high quantities within the body. No other mineral can be detected in the body in greater numbers than the mineral Silica can be found. It also contributes to the absorption of all the other minerals that the body needs to sustain itself. The supplement that contains the purest form of Silica in the highest quantities just happens to be SilaLive, with 89 percent pure Silica within.

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