SilaLive Silica Supplement Review

SilaLive Silica Supplement

Don’t worry if you have never heard of silica before. Often under-appreciated and overlooked, this mineral has tons of health benefits to offer. Being the second most abundant mineral, it is 25.7% of the planet’s crust. It naturally occurs in the human body, controlling the way other minerals and nutrients are being transported and used. Scientific studies have shown calcium, magnesium and phosphorus can’t be absorbed in the bloodstream without silica being present.

Why Take Silica Supplements?


Our bone tissues need more than calcium and vitamin D in order to become strong and protect themselves from osteoporosis. Since our every day foods don’t contain as much silica as the body needs, supplementation becomes a must, especially for the seniors. It seems that with age, the silica levels in the body start to significantly drop. This is the main reason why skin wrinkles. Being known to repair collagen at a fast pace, silica is one of the most appreciated anti-aging elements in Nature.

It looks like there are no risks associated with the consumption of silica supplements. This mineral seems to have only benefits to offer. Osteoporosis will be prevented, broken bones will get rebuilt, hair will look much better, excess fat will be lost, and joints will be kept healthy and lubricated so the body feels younger. Since it has no taste or odor, it can be taken with any kind of foods or beverages.

All sorts of natural supplements, but especially silica, are great ways to obtain all the extra energy the body needs in order to continue resisting. If you are looking for the ideal silica supplement, try the one that uses both diatomaceous earth and orthosilicic acid (organic silica). This one is SilaLive.

Organic Silica SilaLive Supplement

SilaLive is a pure proprietary blend of enhanced human-food grade diatomaceous earth powder (85% silica) and living organic silica (stablized orthosilicic acid). Delivering fast-acting, non-toxic, all-natural DE (100% amorphous non-crystalline), it activates systemic detoxification and internal cleansing. These processes further on activate the weight loss process.

Health benefits of SilaLive Silica

Internal parasite control is one of the most common uses of silica based products and supplements. Diatomaceous earth is the element known to kill internal parasites such as intestinal worms and other harmful organisms in both humans and animals. The razor sharp edges of diatomaceous earth’s atoms slice the joints of parasites and eliminate them from the body. The same diatomaceous element is known to reduce the blood pressure levels, regulating hypertension.

Silica deficiency

Silica deficiency can be easily traced. Bodily changes might not be observable at a first glance, but if you look closely at your skin and hair, you will most likely identify it. The most common silica deficiency symptoms are: dry skin, weakened hair, heart pain, stomach pain, weakened teeth and gums.

Just like with any other health supplement, it is important to ask your doctor if you could use silica. Even though it doesn’t feature any dangerous side effects, ensure you are 100% clear to use it. In case you have previously suffered from any dangerous diseases, the talk with the doctor becomes a must.

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