Benefits of Silica Supplements

Why Use Silica Supplementation

Why Everyone Needs Silica Supplements in Their Daily Diets

Other than vitamin D and calcium, your body needs silica to be able to make your bones strong and to prevent you from developing osteoporosis. In fact, silica is the most abundant and potent mineral that is found in the human body, and there is even more silica in your body then minerals such as iron and calcium.

What Is Silica Supplements

So, what is silica? It is actually derived from several different foods that we normally eat such as cucumbers, strawberries, avocados, lettuce, oats, rice, wheat and dark leafy green vegetables. The amount found in these foods is rather low, however, and is not enough for what our daily needs are. This is why we need to take a silica supplement with our daily diet by using a product such as Silalive.

This is a neobiogenic pure complex which has two kinds of natural silica – orthosilicic acid or OSA, and diatomaceous earth or DME. The goal of this supplement is go give your body the correct amount of organic silica so you can gain the benefits from it. Silalive is all natural and is gotten from diatom water plants which are fossilized. It helps to detox your body of toxins, parasites and bacteria.

Silica Anti Aging Solution

Silica In Body

As we get older, the levels of silica in our bodies becomes depleted, which causes lifeless and dull hair, wrinkles, brittle nails and bones and dry skin. When you maintain the collagen under your skin, you will be augmenting your skin’s overall beauty and elasticity. Silica helps to do this, and it has been seen as the building block of nature and an answer for younger looking and healthier skin, nails and hair that are more radiant.

Typically, our bodies contain about seven grams of this element, which is a lot more than the numbers for other minerals which are key like iron. Both of these are essential to our bodies, which means that we have to have them to carry on our continuous metabolic processes which are detrimental for life.

Silica Benefits

There are many different benefits of keeping supplements that contain silica in your daily diet. Some of these include:

  • A decrease of swelling because of its positive effects on your lymphatic system.
  • Helps in the maintenance and repair of vital lung tissues, and also defends them from pollution.
  • Helps with diabetes by encouraging the synthesis of elastase inhibitor by your pancreas.
  • Helps to make circulation normal and also regulate high blood pressure.
  • Helps in making hemorrhoidal tissues normal, while at the same time reducing lower back pain.
  • Can help to stimulate cell division and metabolism.
  • Acts as an anti-aging agent.
  • Helps to make your hair beautiful with heightened elasticity and luster.
  • Can lessen the pain experienced from rheumatism and osteoarthritis.
  • Can help in the prevention of kidney stones and also heal infections in your urinary tract.

Under your skin, silica assists keep your body’s organs working properly by helping in the continued repairs that are needed from normal, daily abuse. During sleep, your organs heal or repair themselves each day so that they are refreshed for the next day. Silica works in a protective way to make sure that this regeneration goes smoothly.

Heart, Kidney and Cell Health

Detox Cleanse Lose Weight

Taking silica supplements can have good counter effects against coronary and heart disease. When you fortify your blood vessels, your cardiovascular system and heart can do their job much better and give you the nutrients and minerals you need throughout your whole body. If you have heart disease or are at risk for heart disease, you should make sure to include these supplements daily into your normal routine.

It has been known for silica to also give relief from the pain of kidney stones. This is because it helps to support a healthy urinary tract, and can also have the chance for healing any infections that you already have. If you are someone who gets kidney infections or you have an intolerance to calcium, it is a very good idea for you to include silica in your daily health regimen.

Having healthy cells is detrimental for anyone to have a healthy body overall. This extract can also support cell division and metabolism, which will aid in the regeneration of healthy cells. This also helps in fighting off any free radicals which will attach to the unprotected cell walls and cause cancer.

No matter your age, we all need silica for our bodies to perform correctly. You should give your body silica in dietary forms early in your life since it is during the process of aging that your levels of this important element will sharply decrease. Silica adds to your life, as it has a great influence on the absorption of all the minerals that your body needs to keep healthy.

If you are ready to start a silica supplementation then choose a high quality supplement like SilaLive!

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